Diagnostic testing

Engine Management, ABS, Airbag ECU diagnostic systems are becoming more complex for petrol, diesel and hybrid electric vehicles. With vehicle technology increasing , diagnostic test and repair of fault codes on the modern vehicle is becoming very specialised work.   The introduction of more stringent emissions limits together with the demand for safer, more fuel efficient , reliable and comfortable vehicles is forcing vehicle manufacturers to pack more and more electronics into the average family car Can bus , lin bus and flex ray systems send information around your vehicle to the various engine control and transmission control units and allow them to continually share information through a network Fuel injection and diesel particulate filters work with egr valve and catalytic converter to keep it clean Telematics, adaptive cruise control, traction control, ABS,  integrated safety systems , airbags, infotainment and security systems together with intelligent battery management keep you safe. All of these systems are advancing at an incredible rate and it is important that your garage advances with it Technical training and dealer level information systems are the cornerstone of the Swift continued professional development programme so your vehicle technician receives regular training on the latest systems and you can be sure your car, be it petrol, diesel, hybrid or full electric,  is in safe hands

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